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FPS series double suction split pump

应用 用于自来水厂、电站、工业供水系统、空调循环水、楼宇供水、灌溉、泵站、船舶工业等输送液体,也可输送温度不高于80℃的原油、汽油、柴油等石油产品及其他类似液体
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FPS--Fullertix single-stage horizontal split pump

350--Pump inlet diameter (mm)

16--Pump design head (m)

A - The impeller diameter is cut for the first time


High efficiency and energy saving: The application of excellent hydraulic design software and CFX fluid simulation software development to design high-efficiency hydraulic models, * to meet the requirements of the efficiency and reliability of centrifugal pumps operating under design conditions, reaching the international advanced level

Durable: the pressurized water chamber and the impeller are reasonably matched, the force model of the rotor is fully improved, and the internal force state of the pump is fundamentally eliminated from the hydraulic design, and the possible damage caused by vibration and noise to the pump is eliminated.

Beautiful appearance: using UG, SOLIDWORKS, CAF and other three-dimensional drawing software, using modern modeling theory for modular design and finite element strength analysis, while ensuring the practicality, ease of operation and high reliability of the product, pay attention to the appearance design and surface quality, and improve the humanistic function of the product.

Convenient maintenance: there is no need to disassemble the system pipeline during maintenance, just open the pump cover and motor, and the rotor can be taken out for maintenance. The impeller is specially designed with anti-loosening structure, so that the shaft sleeve will not loosen, and the customer requires to change the position of the motor, without replacing parts, and can be reassembled on site, and maintenance is very convenient