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FLG series vertical in-line centrifugal pump

应用 用于输送清水及物理化学性质类似于清水的其他液体之用,使用于工业和城市供给排水、高层建筑增压供水、空调制冷循环、远距离液体输送管道口压、消防供水、农业排灌、生产工艺流程等领域中液体介质输送,也常与消防或生活用水稳压系统中的设备配套使用
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FLG--Fullert vertical in-line pump

50--Pump inlet and outlet diameter (mm)

130--Impeller nominal diameter (mm)

A - The impeller diameter is cut for the first time


Inlet diameter: DN50~DN350

Export diameter: DN50~DN350

Flow range: 8~1400m³/h

Lift range: 5~135m

Speed: 1450r/min, 2900r/min (50HZ power supply) (if you need to use 60HZ motor, please contact our engineer pump model)

Working pressure: 1.6MPa Medium temperature: -15°C~130°C


It is used for transporting clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water, and is used in industrial and urban supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurized water supply, air conditioning and refrigeration cycle, long-distance liquid transmission pipeline mouth pressure, fire water supply, agricultural drainage and irrigation, production process and other fields of liquid medium transportation, and is also often used with equipment in fire fighting or domestic water stabilization systems