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FLB series horizontal direct pump

简述 紧凑型卧式端吸离心泵,安装尺寸和性能符合DIN EN 733标准
应用 应用在市政供水,灌溉,楼宇,一般工业,电站等
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FLB series horizontal end suction pump follows the pump concept of "excellent quality, customer satisfaction", and the products are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. Depending on the customer's environment, the impeller can be made of cast iron, ductile iron, bronze or stainless steel. The direct connection between the water pump and the motor makes the overall structure more compact. The water seal adopts spring-type mechanical seal or stuffing box seal without cooling, which has the characteristics of accurate positioning, high reliability and convenient maintenance. FLB series horizontal end suction pump can be widely used in heating, air conditioning system, circulation system, water supply system, fire sprinkler system, etc.