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FDX series horizontal end suction pump

简述 用于输送清水及物理化学性质类似于水等不含固体颗粒的液体介质。
应用 可提供消防泵,并满足3C-F消防性能要求。
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It is used to convey clean water and liquid media with physical and chemical properties similar to water that do not contain solid particles.

Rear door structure: easy to maintain, no need to disassemble the suction and discharge pipelines during maintenance, you can pull out the rotor parts for maintenance and maintenance.

Good versatility of parts: pump shaft, suspension, pump cover, machine seal, bearing and other parts are common and have good interchangeability.

Fire pumps are available upon request and meet 3C-F fire performance requirements.


Output diameter: DN32~DN300mm

Flow range: 5~1650m³/h

Lift range: 5~135m

Speed: 1450 r/min, 2900r/min

Working pressure: 1.6~2.5MPa

Medium temperature: -10°C~85°C


It is suitable for factories, mines, urban water supply and drainage, HVAC, industrial demineralized water and farmland drainage and irrigation. It can also be used for urban fire stabilization, fire water supply system.

The pump has a wide high-efficiency area, good cavitation resistance, and is easy to use and maintain.